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Check out what you think we can help with and either call or email us. 

Packages can be customised to meet your needs so if you would rather have a B&B  or have specific needs, just tell us and we will put together some options for you. 



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Paddle Packages are the easiest way to get on the water. All package prices cover 2 people,  camp accommodation, outfitting and transport needed.

Introduction to Canoe Camping on the Cele

The Cele offers the perfect place for relaxed canoe camping in the sunshine. Easy paddling, friendly camp sites and the relaxed feel of deep France. 

Canoe Camping in the stunning Tarn gorge

The Tarn gorge is one of my favourite places to paddle in the Massif. Crystal clear waters flowing through this incedible gorge with some really fun paddling. What more could you want.

Orb - White Water, Wine and Med Sunshine

Some fantastic paddling in a Med. The Orb is the perfect alternative for experienced paddlers

The Unknown Dordogne

The Dordogne river, but without the crowds. Set in the Correze rather than the Dordogne, the area mixes picturesque villages with  a great touring river. 

The Vezere

The Vezere is a more intimate version of the Dordogne, with historic villages and a great touring river. 

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Paddle Packages 

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