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Support for D Of E Expeditions ?


We've spent a lot of time working with a UK based Assessor to develop a package that fits what experienced leaders need ..... We've also done it at a price that makes it possible !

We are nothing, if not flexible though so you tell us what you want and we come up with a way to make it happen ....

As well as a basic package, we can also help with some options too ...


- Accommodation

- Local Arrangements/Bookings.


-Basecamp Gear

We provide the things you either don't have or don't want to bring with you.

In other words, as well as canoe hire, we'll help with everything else you need, that`s It.

It couldn't get much easier.



Email:  Click Here

About the standard package ....

We break up the phases of support into the following three stages and offer support throughout ....

Pre-expedition support

  • Guidance on planning resources - including guide material, links to online mapping, river levels and other major resources including camping provision and contacts to assist in the planning of the expedition.

  • All local language needs - including translation, permissions as needed, bookings where appropriate and any other requirements necessitating use of French language

  • Discussion and detailed validation of route proposals with Assessors and expedition members as appropriate.

  • Transport/Route recommendations - best routes to take to arrive at the destination, avoiding unnecessary tolls etc.

  • Advance shopping - typically for Gas or Meths, but can include pre trip food stuffs etc.

  • Arrangements for vehicle parking as appropriate.

  • Detailed validation of chosen route plans.

  • Optional transport help for "Fly-Paddle" Expeditions


In-Expedition Support

  • Provision of standard equipment as stated above at point of river departure.

  • Full printed river guide/briefing at departure - guide is provided to assessors and briefing to all.
    Guide includes GPS coordinates of all major features and locations on chosen route.

  • SPOT Signal device allowing parents and friends to track progress

  • Garmin GPS Unit pre-programmed with route waypoints

  • Vehicle shuttles - should it prove preferable, we will assist with the shuttle to the end point of any expedition vehicles by returning drivers to start point.

  • Dedicated Contact throughout the duration of the trip to assist with anything that arises. Typically, We aim to be local to the party throughout though not with them to ensure we can respond.


Post-Expedition Support

  •  Meet at end point for equipment collection

  •  Return shuttles for vehicle drivers to start point as appropriate.

  • Optional final night BBQ for all


All costs quoted below are based on a party of 8 Expedition members using 4 boats over a total period of 5 days.


Prices are quoted on a per person basis for the entire trip

  • Standard Expedition Package as outlined above start at €195 per person

  • Equipment Outfitting Option €75

  • Final night meal Option €17



A: YES, assuming they haven't been snapped up already .... we have worked closely with a qualified D of E Assessor to develop our packages.

Just tell us what you want and we'll hook  you up.

Standard Equipment (per boat)

  • -  1 x Novacraft Prospector Canoe

  • -  2 Buoyancy Aids

  • -  2 x Schlegel Paddles

  • -  1 x Spare Paddle

  • -  1 x Throw line

  • -  2 x Helmets

  • -  1x30LDryBarreland1xXXLDryBag

  • -  1 x Bailer/Sponge

  • -  Painter Lines

  • -  2 x Kneeling Mats

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