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This is an easy one to answer .....

You tell us what you want, where and when and we come up with a way to make it happen ....

It could just be a days  boat hire or a group  weekend on the Allier  or a family 'Glamping' holiday on the Cele, we can help to make it happen...


- Accommodation

- Local Arrangements/Bookings.

-Paddle Gear

-Basecamp Gear

We provide the things you either don't have or don't want to bring with you.

In other words, as well as canoe hire, we'll help with everything else you need, that`s It.

It couldn't get much easier.

The idea is to take the effort out of putting the your trip together.



Email:  Click Here

Q: Where can we go ?

A: We cover the Massif Central area of France, one of the best paddling areas in Europe. Currently we can support you/deliver in the areas of the following rivers :-

- Dordogne, Vezere, Cele, Lot, Tarn, Aveyron

We can and do arrange services for other locations however these may be at an extra charge specific to the needs and to cover the distance required e.g. Rivers outside our normal area  will require us to make round trips of around 9 hours.

If in doubt, it is probably best to contact us and we will do our best to help or refer you to a more local provider. 

Q: When could we come ?


A: If it can be paddled safely, we operate from March to October ..... to coincide with some sun .....

 Paddling outside the core summer holidays can present a big problem because the traditional riverside hire companies here don't open.  WE DO.



A: YES, assuming they haven't been snapped up already .... we don't offer instruction from within our staff, we prefer to leave that to some of the best expert paddlers in Europe who are friends and are a hell of a lot better at that than I am. 

Just tell us what you want and we'll hook  you up.


A: That answer is a bit more tricky and depends on what you want AND that level of paddling you are up to. 

We've paddled all of them so here are a few links to our favourite paddle blogs on the 'Song of the Paddle' web site .

Check out the blogs Here

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