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Some Background on Us ....​

Q: Who are we ?

A: Mark & Louise .....

Louise would say that I'm the main paddler in the family .... and she'd probably be right. What she doesn't mention much is that her paddling CV now includes a load of days on overnight canoe camp trips on rivers like the Ardeche as well as more than a month on Swedish expeditions. 

I've been paddling for around 8 years now and have been a contributor to the Song of The Paddle Forum as 'MarkL' for most of that time.   

It is really through paddling and SOTP that I've met a number of great people in that time and have spent a fair bit of each Springtime trying to help out other forum members with their French paddling trips (or holidays with a bit of paddling). Every time I do it, I think 'Why is this so hard ?' and I've finally taken the plunge and decided that we could make this easier by investing a bit to provide what people ask us for. 

We know there is a need for this because every service or package we offer is something we've been asked to do for someone in the past.  I doubt we'll become rich from it  but it will allow people to have access to some decent gear and some local knowledge .... and it should be fun too.

The future : well, that depends on you really. For our part, we intend to continue to listen to what people tell us they want.  We also intend to work with the guys at Silver Birch Canoes to extend the existing Novacraft Prospectors 'fleet' using  the Broadland and to to offer a quality hire package.  


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