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Europe's premier Open Canoe community giving a wealth of information and advice to all paddlers. Its also where our blogs live too.

Mal Grey is a well known paddler, blogger and photographer and also has the misfortune to be a friend of mine. his site is well worth a visit .... Its not about where you go, its about what you experience when you are there.

Based on a Google Map, Paddle Points will show you exactly where other paddlers paddle. Not just Launch Points though: Routes, weirs, play spots, locks, river levels, slalom, rapids, canoe clubs, parking, pubs, cafes, tide times, canoe shops, campsites, hostels - everything a canoeist or kayaker needs!

This is the french Flood Warning site which shows levels at various gauges. You'll need to read some French to use this one .... or you could just ask us.

This is the french equivalent of OS in the UK. It's free and pretty good if you like to check contour maps. Again, French may be needed.

If you are going to the Ardeche then these are the people to speak to. In the interests of openness, they are friends of mine now but I started as a customer for them. They are top guides, coaches and blokes and they have more than 20 years exeprience in the Ardeche at their fingertips.  

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