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All prices shown are in Euros 

Locations - We currently cover pick up and drop off on the following rivers :

Lot, Cele, Tarn, Dordogne, Vezere, Allier, Orb, Loire and Aveyron

We can and do arrange services for other locations however these may be at an extra charge specific to the needs and to cover the distance required e.g. Rivers outside our normal area  will require us to make round trips of around 9 hours.

If in doubt, it is probably best to contact us and we will do our best to help or refer you to a more local provider. 



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Outfitting Services

Boat Hire Package

1 x Nova craft Prospector, 2x Palm BAs, Barrel, 2 x Paddles plus a spare, painters and Delivery/Pick up from your location.

Prices are 'What you pay per day'  based on 2 people according to the length  of hire as follows :-

3 days hire @ 85.00 per day

5 days hire @ 75.00 per day

7 days hire @ 70.00 per day

We reduce the total hire cost by 30.00 if you pick up/drop off the boats from our location.


Canoe Kitchen Package

1 x Trangia,, 2x Cups/Plates, Cutlery & Utensils, Fuel, Washing Up Kit,

Prices are 'Total Hire Price'  based on the length  of hire as follows :-

2 days hire @ 30.00 

3 days hire @ 40.00

5 days hire @ 40.00 

7 days hire @ 56.00 


White Water Package

2 x Canoe Helmets, throw line, pin kit, knife, gear leashes

Prices are 'Total Hire Price'  based on the length  of hire as follows :

2 days hire @ 10.00

3 days hire @ 15.00 

5 days hire @ 20.00 

7 days hire @ 25.00


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